Boxing: Why is sport in trend?

Boxing has become a very important sport these days and the main reasons are all the benefits that this interesting sport gives you. L.E Fitness brings you all those benefits and you decide to start your training this summer.

Improve your physical endurance.

The high impact exercises practiced in boxing improve your aerobic capacity and your circulation. It also affects anaerobic resistance, since most movements are performed at high speed.

You burn more calories.

It has been calculated that around 750 calories per hour are burned, always depending on the intensity of the training that is carried out. Among the exercises that burn the most calories and are part of boxing training, they are jumping rope, running sprints, hitting the sack and fighting. It not only burns a good amount of calories but also accelerates the metabolism.

Releases tension and stress.

The practice of boxing will help you eliminate the tensions accumulated on a daily basis. Stress and accumulated tension can cause discomfort in the body such as headaches, muscle contractures, depression and discouragement. Thanks to its high aerobic component, this type of training helps to release endorphins, or what is the same, the hormone of happiness, which causes a feeling of well-being and happiness in the body.

Increase bone mass.

High impact exercises place an important load on the bones, which can cause an increase in mass. The bones of the human body begin to decline after 30 years. If this loss is not treated, it can lead to a serious medical condition called osteoporosis.

Increase your reflexes.

In boxing, it is necessary to learn to anticipate the movements of the opponent in order to dodge or block. This need for protection significantly improves coordination, mental speed, reflexes and decision making.

Improves self-esteem and self-confidence.

Those who have spent a good time practicing this sport feel more confident and satisfying. It has to do with enjoying being able to perform a "powerful" and demanding exercise. It also helps to overcome shyness.

Now you know, practice boxing has different exercises and there is no age to start your training, it is a perfect sport for children and adults. Start your first class TOTALLY FREE IN


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