I lost 18 kilos and my life changed.

Hello my name is Sofia, I am 27 years old.

I want to tell my story because I would like it to serve as an experience to someone else. I was a very fat person, I really did not feel comfortable with my body I did not really enjoy seeing myself in the mirror and I even felt sorry that someone saw me in the street. Every time I had a depression crisis I ate everything in the refrigerator, and only a few minutes later I felt guilty. I tried to change my life several times, I managed to lose one or two kilos but no matter what I did, I went back up and that depressed me a lot.

One day I decided to get into the Gym L.E Workout on the recommendation of a friend, I was not sure I did but I was excited to try again. The coaches gave me more confidence in myself and above all I wanted to continue because every day motivated me more to return to the gym, sometimes I wanted to give up, but I never did it because they taught me to set goals and not abandon them. Some days my anxiety to eat returned, but I was not afraid anymore because Talía and Erick gave me the great idea of ​​changing all the food that was in my refrigerator for healthy food that helped my goals.

After a long journey, 6 months went by and I managed to lose 18 kilos, I really never imagined it, every day I am motivated to continue for more and I just thank God for putting my opportunities in my way and I'm going for more!


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